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David Ferguson, our Clinical Director, is a Musculoskeletal Podiatrist and a specialist on orthotic therapies.  For over 25 years he has practiced exclusively in the field of clinical gait analysis (the mechanics of how people walk and run) and developed an exceptional understanding of the influence different forces have on pain and injury.  He has consulted many of Australia’s leading athletes, written for Australian Doctor Magazine and lectured at professional and undergraduate levels.

Graduating from the University of South Australia in 1992, David moved to Sydney where he began his career working with The Running Clinic.  In 1996, he travelled to South Africa and the United Kingdom, where among other things, he lectured at various institutions, worked for the NHS as a Paediatric Podiatrist and consulted as a Podiatric Biomechanist for Chelsea Football Club.

In 2000 David was invited to join the North Sydney Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Centre in Crows Nest.  Working alongside some of the country’s leading Sports Physicians and Orthopaedic Surgeons enabled David to develop a unique multi-disciplined understanding of many of the conditions he manages in his clinic.

Key to David’s practice philosophy is that the body is complex and everything is connected.  Pain in the toes may be caused by stiffness in the ankle.  A problem in the knee may be associated with instability in the hip.  He assesses the not just the foot, but the whole body in motion, and does his best to obtain clinical evidence to support and monitor the biomechanical management plan.

David moved to Northbridge in 2010, with improved facilities to perform more complex gait analysis and pressure analysis.  In early 2020 he moved to his current St Leonards location. 

He is a Member of the Australian Podiatry Association and Sports Medicine Association. 

In his spare time he likes to wonder what would have become of his AFL career had he not required two knee surgeries by 18.  He is a well-behaved parent on the sidelines of school sport, club soccer and club AFL.  Under duress from his wife and children he has dabbled at skiing and mountain-bike riding - although he'd rather be fishing... and just invested in an inflatable fishing kayak!


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