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The most important aspect for a successful treatment is an accurate diagnosis and a clear evidence-based plan.


At Foot Physics we specialise in designing tailored orthotic solutions for your individual needs. What type of orthotic you may need depends entirely on what problems you have and what specific muscles and joints are affected.

It may be that orthotics aren't the only treatment option.  Many aches and pains can settle quickly without the need for long term management strategies.  Strength and flexibility exercises, taping, footwear, padding and gait modification techniques can all be used in the management of specific injuries, once a clear diagnosis has been made. If your problems require expertise outside our scope of practice, our specialist referral network means that we know the right person for the job and who has the experience and the expertise in the area of concern.

When orthotic devices are recommended our strategy are based on our detailed evaluation process which clearly defines what’s happening when you move, what tissues are being loaded more than they should and an evidenced based plan of what specific orthotic design features would be most likely to achieve the best results. The benefit of our scientific assessment process is that it minimises guesswork.

If orthotics are recommended, there is a variety of design choices and materials to choose from. Most of our prescription orthotics are made from closed cell (moisture resistant) rubber which, depending on the chosen density (there are 6 different densities), can range from soft (cushioning) to hard (supportive). More impressively, our orthotics can be made from multiple densities, meaning that your orthotic can be soft as well as supportive in the all the right places.  And there’s a broad choice of colours to suit everyone and their footwear.

All orthotics are fitted under strict protocols to ensure effective use and comfort.  Prescription Orthotics are initially reviewed with an email survey at three weeks and a follow up SMS enquiry at three months just to check that everything is still OK.  During this time it may be appropriate you attend a no-charge Second Fitting.  Reviews are recommended annually to ensure your current orthotic design is still achieving the best balance for your feet and  if required, give your devices a complimentary recover. 

Kids often develop pains that may benefit from orthotics, but we understand that a growing foot means orthotics will have a more limited life span. We know the costs involved in keeping up with kids medical expenses and when possible, we will recommend non-casted but customised orthotics.  We can do this because pains with children tend to change quickly and while they are very active, kids simply don’t have the body weight that contribute to injuries like with adults. This means that following an assessment, if a customised orthotic is believed to be as good an option as a prescription device, then that is what we will recommend.

If after reassessment and things are going well, there may be no need to continue wearing the orthotics.  Once the injury has resolved, if appropriate, it may be that the orthotics have done their job and life can go on without them. Our detailed assessment and management processes put us in the best position to make these decisions and it’s what we do best.


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